Terms of use

In order to ensure your comfortable and safe rest, we invite you to acquaint yourself with the terms of use of our holiday home:


The holiday home is only rented for a quiet holiday and is not intended for larger gatherings, celebrations, parties or any other similar event.For rent for at least two days. Two-day rental price:
  • Guest house - 3 bedrooms with 6 beds - 600 €
  • Jacuzzi Cottage - 2 sleeping places (with whirlpool, which is rented for holidaymakers of this cottage) - 400 €
 Weekly rental price:
  • Guest house - 3 bedrooms with 6 beds - 1490 €
  • Jacuzzi cottage - 2 sleeping places (with whirlpool, which is rented to the vacationers of this cottage) - 990 €
 If necessary, a crib-manege can be built (free of charge) Sauna - Ordered together with the sauna, the price is adjusted separately according to the number of people.A six-seater jacuzzi near the guest house is rented for two days - a two-day rental price is 200 € After you have made a Holiday Home reservation, we will send you the terms and conditions of the prepared Holiday Home Order - Agreement. If you accept the Order - Agreement and want to order the services of the Holiday Home, you must pay the amount specified in the Order and send us a payment confirmation before the end of the reservation. Order - The Agreement enters into force upon your payment. Please read all the terms and conditions of the Order - Agreement carefully before paying. Upon receipt of payment, we will assume that you have understood the terms of the Order - Agreement. If you do not pay for the services within the deadline specified in the order, your order will not be confirmed and the reservation will be canceled. The Service Provider may not confirm reservations if individuals have previously violated the rules for visiting the Holiday Home.

Contact phone for booking of Scandivila holiday home:Phone: (8-618) 58155Address: Eglynų g. 44, Piepaliai village, Babtai eldership, Kaunas DistrictEmail: info@scandivila.lt